Why You Should Encourage a Good Employee to Quit

When you have a star employee, the last thing you want is to lose them, right?

As an employer, you probably bend over backward to support your best employees. You want to work from home two days a week? Absolutely. You want to come in late on Tuesdays? No problem. A raise? Well… that one can be a little harder; you still have budgets. And what about growth and development?

If you work for a Fortune 100 company, there are plenty of growth opportunities for just about everyone. But, if you’re a small business with 25 employees and one office, you can’t offer all that extra stuff.

At some point, your star employee will want to experience new challenges and learn new things. And you might not be able to provide that, even if you wanted to.

This is precisely why you should encourage a good employee to quit. (Gasp.) Wait, what business owner would ever commit such a crazy act of self-sabotage?

You would. Here’s why.

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