Is Your Workplace Culture Harming Your Employees’ Health?

Workplace culture has a bigger impact on your employees’ health than you may think. Your company’s culture influences a wide range of behaviors, from seeking health care to unhealthy eating and drinking to managing stress and mental health.

If you want healthy employees who show up every day and do great work, consider these five ways your company’s culture could be affecting your employees’ health.

1. What’s a Sick Day?

Organizational attitudes toward wellness start at the top: If the boss is sick, what do they do? Do they come in anyway or stay home to take care of themselves? Do they shame or write up employees for absences, even when those absences are related to illness?

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4 thoughts on “Is Your Workplace Culture Harming Your Employees’ Health?

  1. A toxic workplace — one in which bullying, discrimination, favoritism, etc. is allowed — can be very unhealthy too.

  2. I own a small business and I gave my employee a a loan that they are paying back should She expect a pay raise At the time of their annual performance review?

    1. Wouldn’t whether she deserves a raise be a function of her performance? In the alternative, I guess you could consider forgiving the unpaid balance on the loan.

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