Boss’s Day is Coming Up. Under No Circumstances Should You Buy Your Boss a Present.

Presents only go one way in the office. Down. Managers can buy presents for their direct reports, and CEOs are free to hand out bonuses at any time. But employees don’t get presents for their bosses (except in very few cases which I will explain below).

October 16 is Boss’s Day and that is no exception.

If you’re the boss, do not expect, do not hint, do not give any indication no matter how slight, that you expect any sort of gift. Period.

This is not my rule. This is Miss Manners’ rule and we should all follow it. Judith Martin (AKA Miss Manners) was speaking specifically about Christmas gifts, but it applies to Boss’s day as well. She says (and commit this concept to memory):

“The whole gift exchange business in professional life is ridiculous. You should not be giving presents to your boss. It’s the boss who should be giving the present if anyone does, and it should be a bonus or failing that, extra time off.”

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5 thoughts on “Boss’s Day is Coming Up. Under No Circumstances Should You Buy Your Boss a Present.

  1. Years ago there was a collection at the office I was working in for the boss. There was a set dollar amount that was requested. I gave half the amount as I had a strict budget. Later the person collecting for the gift came back with my money and said that the other people in the office didn’t think my name should go on the card because I didn’t give the same amount. So, I said ok and took my money back.

  2. My former boss was so politically correct that we split the office in half. Anyone whose pay was in grade 1-6 got honored on Secretary’s Day and anyone whos pay was in grade 7-12 got honored on Bosses Day. It was so uncomfortable all around and just felt forced. In an effort to make everyone feel special, no one felt special.

  3. The last office I worked in the boss asked for everyone to donate PTO to HIM during an illness. Not employees that were his peers, so to speak, but people he supervised. Needless to say, the place was dysfunctional and poorly run.

  4. I can think of one more…when the boss retires, a retirement gift from the whole group is appropriate.

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