Has HR Gone Wild? Josh Bersin at UNLEASH

HR is no longer content just to be disruptive, it’s gone wild! That was the message Industry Analyst Josh Bersin gave at UNLEASH last week in Amsterdam.

It evokes images of the wild west. A place where government regulation was rare and arguments settled with gunfights rather than negotiation. At least that’s the image people often have when you talk about wild. While we certainly have regulations to deal with, GDPR anyone?, the world of HR Tech is indeed wild.

The struggle for attention

The battle, Josh Bersin said, is for the “eyeballs of the employees”.  It’s a world where the big players are no longer content to sit in the background and let others build the front end of their data systems. The smaller players, who used to have a corner of the market, now compete with the well funded and well established.

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5 thoughts on “Has HR Gone Wild? Josh Bersin at UNLEASH

  1. Trust….

    Trust in our CEO, our organization, our media, our government … and here in the US when we look at our currency, trust in God … have we lost our trust in God? If we want what trust promises, we need to trust in trustworthy things. Proverbs 3:5-6.

    1. Yeah… trust in the invisible omnipresent sky wizard is mandatory!

      Don’t forget to use my Earth regions name for said wizard too or else you don’t deserve trust.


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