Can I Give My Employees Open Enrollment Advice?

Does open enrollment communication to employees often seem to fall on deaf ears? It turns out employees do want open enrollment help. In fact, 55 percent of employees wish their employers would give them advice during open enrollment. But is that something you should do? Is it something you even can do?

Why Do Employees Want Advice?

Health care plans sometimes change. When open enrollment comes around each year, employees may have to choose between plans that didn’t exist the year before, so they can’t always say, “Yes, this one worked well for me, so I’ll stay with it.”

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3 thoughts on “Can I Give My Employees Open Enrollment Advice?

  1. It would be extremely helpful to have a source for individualized questions on the coverage without pressure to sign up ( in other words, not from an insurance broker representative). With the coverage plans changing, one has to read all the fine print to insure that you are still covered for your specific health needs.
    Those hand out brochures don’t even touch on details. With costs increasing, full disclosure of information is extremely helpful, especially for changes in coverage, especially when decision has to made within a limited time period.

  2. When we changed insurance this year, the first thing I did was take the brochure (which as the names of the plans) to both of the doctors that I see regularly as ask the office manager (who is the most in the know on this) which they’d like to work with. Both were absolutely delighted that I did so before making a commitment, and both gave very good (and the same) advice.

  3. I don’t give my employees advice, but I encourage them to look over everything carefully. I also advise them to learn about one benefit a lot of employees (especially young ones) overlook: the long-term disability insurance. It costs them maybe $2 a week and it provides a generous benefit if they need it.

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