The Small Business that Changed the Revolutionary War

Of course you know the story of Washington Crossing the Delaware River, which took place on Christmas Day in 1776. The Hessians, who were across the river, were quite surprised. No one really expects a lot of work to be done on Christmas, especially battles.

While this was a turning point, emotionally, for the colonists–they needed a win–I’m not much a military expert. But, Washington and his troops left from Pensylvania, where I lived for 9 years, from a little Inn called McConkey’s Ferry. You can visit it today, but don’t expect to get a room to sleep in or something to eat–it’s a historical site.

My maiden name is McConkie, and despite the spelling difference, we are related to the original proprietor–although as a cousin, not a direct line. But, if you go visit on a quiet day and you tell the guide you’re a McConkie, you just might get to go places the general tour doesn’t get to see. (It’s really my only opportunity to name drop these days.)

Normally, people reenact the River Crossing every year, but this year the river is too high so there will just be a celebration and speeches. And we celebrate the bravery of George Washington and his soldiers who were literally willing to sacrifice everything to break away from Great Britain.

But, we should also learn about William McConkey, the owner of McConkey’s Ferry.

To keep reading, click here: The Small Business that Changed the Revolutionary War 

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3 thoughts on “The Small Business that Changed the Revolutionary War

  1. So funny. I read your blog out of curiosity, but used to live in Yardley and remember the annual reenactments at Xmas time, but from back in the 70s.

  2. So many forgotten heroes over history, most families drift apart and forget the roots. I am not sure if this trend is caused by the types of people who have migrated to America or the need to feel socially connected via the internet. But learning your historical roots does make an interesting story.

  3. What a great story! It sort of brings back “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in how much difference a little guy who’s just trying to get along can make in the world.

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