Preparing Entry Level Employees for Their First Peformance Review

Performance review tips would seem to be something to give a new manager, but they can also be of benefit to an entry-level employee. If one of your colleagues hasn’t had a formal review before, you’ll want to help set their expectations. Otherwise, new employees may feel nervous and the discussion might not be as productive as it could be.

If you’re looking to help prepare an entry-level employee for their first review at your organization, here are a few things to consider.

The Components of a Performance Review

While each company’s process is different, there are generally three parts to an annual performance review. Making this clear before the meeting takes place can let the new employees know what to expect.

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One thought on “Preparing Entry Level Employees for Their First Peformance Review

  1. Great article as usual but much of this was covered in previous times during the orientation session given to new hires. With the use of technology in hiring, this information is still given in the paperwork “assumed” read by the new hire in those pre-work documents, but unless discussed in person by their supervisor as to expected goals, most new employees skip reading. I always found than a verbal re-enforcement helps emphasize key issues.

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