AI in HR: It’s Not Just for Hiring Anymore

Artificial intelligence is already all the rage in tech circles, and now human resource departments are getting in on the action, too. While the most prominent place for AI in HR has typically recruiting—with bots that can help screen resumes and even conduct initial interviews—companies can now use artificial intelligence for a lot more than hiring.

For instance, have you been wishing for a nice app that caters to all the needs of your organization? One that allows users to manage their health care benefits, request time off and do everything in between? AI in HR can make it happen.

Here are a few other areas in which artificial intelligence can really change the world of human resources.

Employee Engagement

AI apps can help HR departments better communicate with employees about everything from their day-to-day projects to their personal preferences. And because happy employees are more productive, knowing exactly what’s going on can help organizations give team members the support and resources they need—so everyone can succeed.

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5 thoughts on “AI in HR: It’s Not Just for Hiring Anymore

  1. I don’t know whether it’s within this topic or not, but at the Postal Service, we have an automated call-in system, whereby employees needing to take unscheduled leave due to their inability to timely report to work can call a Nation-wide toll-free number, enter information identifying themselves, their workplace, the type of leave they are requesting — and for how long — whether or not it is FMLA-protected, etc. The system issues the employee a Confirmation Number, in case there’s a later question about whether the employee called in, and when, etc. The system then notifies the employee’s work location, prepares the written leave request form, etc. This system eliminates the potential problem of being unable to reach ones supervisor by phone and many possible factual disputes about whether or not an employee called in, when, to whom, the type of leave requested, etc.

  2. Using A1 in things like shown in the article is eliminating the need for human interaction in these circumstances. But it only works for those areas not needing a physical human to perform those tasks.

  3. In most companies where I’ve worked, both management (at least the real decision-making levels) and HR are so seldom seen, and never heard from except when they pronounced edicts, that it’s hard to think of them as human. They’re like gods, or robots, or at least some secretive cabal whose decisions can never be explained or predicted except by total cynics.

    Automating HR will only worsen that feeling. It will feel like having a McDonald’s kiosk as your manager.

    1. While you certainly have a point, that isn’t a problem with automation, it’s a problem with bad management. Automation is a symptom, not a cause.

  4. Thank you for this interesting read on AI applications in HR. With the multiple advantages that AI can offer. It is always important to provide the proficiency of technology to the professionals with its efficient applications.

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