When Your Technicians Encounter Awkward—or Dangerous— Situations

Field service technicians are in and out of customers’ homes and workplaces all day long, and while some of those could be featured on “House Beautiful,” others are more likely to end up on “Hoarders.” What kind of advice should you give to your technicians to prepare them for what they might encounter?

Dealing With Inappropriate Customer Behavior

Lauren Hough described her career as a “cable guy” (her description), in a Huffington Post article. She described an unclad housewife who was surprised that Hough was female instead of male. They laughed together and the lady got dressed. It’s a funny story.

However, today you can’t afford to send your techs, male or female, into this type of situation alone and without guidance about how to respond. Should they call it in? (Hi, this is John, just want to note that the lady of the house opened the door in her lingerie.). For their safety and the financial stability and reputation of your company, the tech needs to call for another person, or perhaps walk away.  

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  1. Yes, I also found the article enlightening and though the same thing: I’m going to offer techs the use of my bathroom and something to drink. I’m also never going to be embarrassed about the cluttered kitchen counter, anymore, after discovering some of the bizarre things they see. Dang.

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