Viral Best Buy Training Question Is a Perfect Example of Clueless Corporate Policies

When you walk into a Best Buy, or any store, do you expect to be greeted or welcomed into the store?

Would you even know if there was a difference? Well, whoever wrote the Best Buy training policies thinks that there is, according to this viral tweet.View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Karate’s Bad Boy@flarkle

Look at this dumb shit. Look at it.227K6:49 PM – May 14, 201945K people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

Making a difference between welcoming and greeting is a ridiculous nit-picky thing that drives employees crazy. Karate’s Bad Boy answered the true/false question (“We should greet all Best Buy customers”) as true and got it wrong. The reason? “We welcome our customers, not greet them.”

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5 thoughts on “Viral Best Buy Training Question Is a Perfect Example of Clueless Corporate Policies

  1. Nitpicky….maybe. But their are subliminal differences between words and how they impact consumers. Think of the huge difference when a customer asks a question and the repose is “Yes” or “absolutely – we can do that”.

    1. If I am walking into a store and someone says ” hello ” or ” Welcome to Chocolate Are Us”, or ” Good Morning” or whatever, I could care less how it is said.

      I now know who to find if I have a question on the buy 10 get 1 chocolate bar free.

      When I ask questions about the product, the sale, or anything else, that is when I want to have the person know what they are talking about.

      I want someone who is genuinely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the product.

      A simple ” Hi ” or ” Welcome” or something to that simple nature is good enough for me.

      1. For that matter, I’m fine with being left alone until I need something from the employees. 9 times out of 10 if I’m going into a store I already know what I want, what they offer, and generally where it is. A greeter is part of the security system (as Walmart has started making explicit), and I’d rather not be harassed by security when I enter an establishment.

        If they have to say something, any generic greeting is the same: it all checks the box, telling me that they know I’m there.

  2. Loved this article which just shows how far off from reality is the corporate world from the real world. All the graphics and technology are not sufficient to gauge human interaction. Like the example of a dress code for shoes, which is probably extremely outdated, those policies are made to sound right in theory only. The scientific world knows this well because for the theory to be true, it has to work in most real life situations. Great article.

  3. If I were inclined to get a job at an insane asylum, I believe I’d prefer one run by the doctors, rather than the patients.

    There is a point there relating to customer service, yes, but it is totally, utterly obscured by the childishness of the trick question.

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