When the Push to Save Money Costs Lives: Lessons from Boeing’s 737 Max

There are always billboards on I-95 advertising cheap Lasik eye surgery. While I have terrible eyesight, if I ever decided to have surgery, I certainly wouldn’t want to make the decision based on the best bargain. I want anyone who operates on my eyeballs to be an expert. And experts cost money.

The desire to save money, however, is strong. And you don’t want to pay more than you have to. But when lives are on the line, you really should think about the value you are getting for your money.

Bloomberg discovered that Boeing hired engineers for as little as $9 an hour to work on their new Boeing 737 Max. .This plane has had two deadly crashes and the aircraft were grounded until these problems can be solved.

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4 thoughts on “When the Push to Save Money Costs Lives: Lessons from Boeing’s 737 Max

  1. What’s annoying about the Bloomberg article is it admits that the two named Indian companies had nothing to do with the troubled software that crashed and grounded the plane. Instead “HCL engineers helped develop and test the Max’s flight-display software, while employees from another Indian company, Cyient Ltd., handled software for flight-test equipment”. Ok, great. Airline food contracts go to low bidders too. So what?

    I wanna know who DID write the troubled software, and why it failed.

  2. It is widely known that all companies including Silicon Valley, hire the lowest cost person for jobs that require high skills. Why else is there such an outrage about the H1 B visa? Like the article states you pay cheap you get cheap.

  3. To solve it’s quality issues, Boeing is getting rid of quality assurance inspectors – 900 of them.

  4. As part of the partisan political effort to deregulate everything, Boeing was also allowed to perform its own quality control inspections — also by $9 per hour employees? — rather than having United States Government inspectors performing the final inspections. In other words, the fox was guarding the henhouse. And the software issues were/are not the only problems with the 737 Max. Totally unacceptable scenario on several fronts.

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