Building the Brand of Employee Relations

When people think of Human Resources, their interaction at work is most likely with the employee relations team. The employee relations person is the one you go to when you struggle with your boss, workload, or co-workers, but she’s also the person you see when your boss is having trouble with you. If you’re getting put on a performance improvement plan, being laid off, or straight-out fired, it’s the employee relations person who will be there for that. 

But, sometimes the Employee Relations Brand can be less than perfect. If there are inconsistent policies or sexual harassment isn’t dealt with immediately and fairly, people can develop negative feelings towards their HR department. Good interactions breed good feelings, but sometimes ER has the job of presenting bad news and that results in negative opinions—even if HR handled everything perfectly.

Of course, most employee relations professionals are good at what they do. Most companies don’t want to have horrible people on staff. But, we need to build the brand and improve employee relations if we’re going to make a real difference. We don’t do that through snazzy Instagram posts. Here’s how we do it.

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One thought on “Building the Brand of Employee Relations

  1. Nice article!
    I have just started working at a new company and I see that they are trying to increase my engagement.
    I feel myself being in a huge tribe and also they have one more thing that inspired me a lot :
    They have created an academy by AcademyOcean service ( it’s an automated onboarding) that in a gamified way gave me an understanding of company principles and values.
    Watch the full case how the company saved 192 hours labor a month with Academies

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