4 Simple Service Rules Every Field Technician Should Follow

When you hire technicians, your first priority is ensuring that they can perform their job. Do they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to repair a washing machine, install a furnace or troubleshoot that troublesome software? If they don’t yet have the specific skills you’re looking for, do they have the experience and capacity to learn them on the job? 

Too often, however, one question that service organizations fail to ask is whether or not the techs they hire have the proper people skills to deal with customers on a daily basis. 

Now, let’s not confuse a field tech with a salesperson tasked with converting a skeptical prospect into a customer. While field techs don’t have to worry about being persuasive like their sales team counterparts, good customer service skills are important for any employee who interacts regularly with clients. After all, if a customer finds an interaction with your tech unpleasant, you may lose a client even if the tech did a great job. 

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One thought on “4 Simple Service Rules Every Field Technician Should Follow

  1. The first rule to hire a technical employee is to have a technically skilled HR do the interview !! No one has the patience to talk to a “middle layer ” or a “information passer” who will try to undermine the skills of the candidate and negotiate salary way below the allocated budget for the role !

    Technical people need to have persuasive skills and client management skills , and sales people need to have technical skills ! We should stop glorifying the “communication ” and yapping abilities of a salesperson and grow with the changing times and have a mature and technical sales person who knows when to shut up and who knows when to turn on the tech talk .

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