Don’t Fall for this Indeed Identity Theft Scam

Michelle was looking for a job, and Rock Island County, IL, was hiring. She was excited when she got an email, sent through recruiting site, Indeed, inviting her for an interview. But before she could schedule the interview, the recruiter needed just a few things. 

For the next step, please email me the following information directly to [redacted]

1 – The photos of your Identification Card or Driver’s License – Front and Backsides
2 – A picture of your face (Selfie)
3 – The last four digits of your social security

Please make sure that you have:

– – attached all three photos

– – pics are not blurred

– – pics have a more than 800kb each size

– – all four ID’s corners are visible (not trimmed)

– – all text is clearly readable

I’ll be waiting for your message with all the required photos. After that, I’ll make a quick check of your background and assign you time.

There is part of that that makes a bit of sense–companies do run background checks. But, Michelle felt uneasy and asked the question is this a scam?

To keep reading, click here: Don’t Fall for this Indeed Identity Theft Scam

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Fall for this Indeed Identity Theft Scam

    1. Even if it weren’t an identity theft scam (and obviously so), it would indicate such incompetence in the hiring process I wouldn’t work for the company anyway.

      For most scams, even if they were real, they’d still be as ridiculous.

        1. I think I might have just dealt with one of them, I’m not sure if it was a legit posting. The amount of personal info they were asking for made me suspicious.

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