Job Posting: Applicants that Include a Photograph Will Be Given First Consideration

A  Washington state aviation company posted a job listing for a Human Resources Manager. Mostly, the job listing is pretty normal, mentioning things like employee relations, policies and procedures, and tracking vacation time. But, if you scroll down to the bottom, you find this gem:

“Those applicants that chose to include a photograph with their resume will be given first consideration for a personal interview.”

Lena Smith found it and did what you should always do with a sketchy job posting: 

To keep reading, click here: Job Posting: Applicants that Include a Photograph Will Be Given First Consideration

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11 thoughts on “Job Posting: Applicants that Include a Photograph Will Be Given First Consideration

  1. The poster wants you to apply via an email to a Gmail account. Run, run away from this ridiculous job posting. A company with 60+ employees should have their own domain for professional correspondence.

    1. OH H-E-double hockey sticks NO

      I was going to say, however, that an application question asking who you are can be answered by talking about your career and experience, similar to how you’d answer “Tell me about yourself” in an interview.

  2. I notice it says include a photo rather than include a head shot. They’ve set themselves up for a slew of interesting photos . . .

    Also, I’m going to be that person–man bun. It’s just a bun, no matter who’s wearing it. We don’t have man ponytails or woman crew cuts.

  3. I’m delighted to think about how appalling this appears to be today. I started work when people still admitted, “I probably shouldn’t say this but he requires the front office gal to be 36-24-36. He won’t even interview anyone else so we need to send the right girl.” The world is changing for the better in spite of the occasional throwback like this one.

  4. This is still done to an extent. Even in places where you think it would not be done (places that advocate for equality and diversity). Not so much the 36-24-36 but you have to look like you came out of GQ or Cosmo!

  5. I suppose the photo HAS to be one of you. Or does it?
    I probably wouldn’t do It, but someone may find it fun to screw with them. Maybe send a pic of your pet?

  6. Send a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume! To be serious, I think this photo requirement is terrible. I would not respond to the ad at all.

  7. I live and perform HR functions in WA State.
    1st, I hope this wasn’t their HR Dept posting this ad, if so then there is some HUGE concerns.
    2nd, $65/k? It this is for a business in the Puget Sound labor market they are very unlikely to see qualified applicants.

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