My favorite controversial post

Newflash: Motherhood is Not the World’s Hardest Job

I wrote this for CBS. CBS refused to publish it. I published it on my blog. CBS freaked out and said I had no right to do that. Fortunately, I knew they were wrong and they did too.

Another controversial post

Can You Be Fired for Skipping Lunch?

This case sounded like a super mean boss, but the law doesn’t care about nice.

A question that is becoming more and more common

Fragrance in the Workplace

This seems to be a bigger problem every year. Are more people becoming more sensitive or whinier? I don’t know. I do know the letter writer here personally and can confirm that it’s a serious problem for her–not a matter of not liking scents.

A question that way too many people need help with

What if a High Performing Executive Is also a Bully?

This is so so so common. I wish I didn’t need to write it, but I did, and many people still need to read it.

My favorite Disrupt HR talk

This decade also introduced me to Disrupt HR. If you have one by you, go. If you have an idea, speak! It’s only five minutes and you can do it! I think it’s the best thing that has happened in HR in years.

There are lots of things I’ve planned for 2020 and beyond! So don’t go anywhere!

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