First, I love being on podcasts. I love listening to podcasts. It’s super fun! So, if you have a podcast, I’m probably happy to be on it. Anyone doing a podcast about labor law violations in Tiger King? I am there.

Here’s a few places to hear and see me! Quick, before my roots grow out too much and I start to look my age.

Best Practices in HR with Brenda Neckvatal

EP54: Staying Connected & The Evil HR Lady w/ Guest Suzanne Lucas

Who wants to speak to the “evil HR lady”? I do and she’s here on THIS SHOW! Special guest Suzanne Lucas – also known as the Evil HR Lady, writer for CBS and Inc magazine – is here talking with me about staying connected. Now more than EVER, its vital that we stay connected as we shuffle through this pandemic. We’re social distancing for our physical health, but it also impact our mental health as well.

Suzanne is an awesome lady and we just had a BLAST talking. We share tips and suggestions on how to network through virtual connection, what you need to do to maintain your professional image when people can’t see you, and how to work with your employees while still doing the tough job of HR.
You can read Suzanne’s work on her website: follow her on Twitter at  ‎@RealEvilHRLady .
Also, you can get up-to-date information on the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), IRS guidance for FFCRA, and other helpful tips and resources on the dedicated coronavirus webpage.

Now, be sure to head to our Next Gen Women in HR Facebook Group to ask your #brendathehrlady questions! I can’t wait to hear them.

Safe Distance Open Coaching Sessions with Dorothy Dalton

Creating a Safe Place to Feel Connected During These Tough Times.

At 3Plus Dorothy Dalton is hosting a new series called #SAFEDISTANCE of Power Coaching sessions. For our first session on the 26th March Dorothy Dalton will be joined by Suzanne Lucas aka @RealEvilHRLady. Between them they will offer a safe place to raise career and workplace concerns during the crisis. Suzanne is a leading HR analyst and writer and appears in leading publications such as, CBS MoneyWatch,, The Balance, and Comstock Magazine.

Hostile Work Environment Podcast with Marc Allifanz and Kate Bischoff

Team Halfwit Rides Again

Stuck at home at the start of a long quarantine, the members of Team Halfwit — who had never spoken together in a group outside of WhatsApp — discuss their personal and professional experiences related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It was a special time for us, and we hope, a useful dialogue for all of you. Just for fun, we top off the episode with a listener submission about an elevator that can’t go all the way down…

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