How ‘Workshares’ Can Help You Keep Employees on the Payroll

by Evil HR Lady on April 20, 2020

Most jobs cannot be done exclusively at home. Essential employees who cannot work at home need to go into work, but what can you do for your non-essential employees who can’t do their jobs from home? Or even, what happens when there just isn’t enough work or enough revenue to pay people–even if they can work from home?

The gut answer a layoff. If there isn’t enough work, you can terminate employees. Furloughing is another option–this is where you keep employees as employees (and often continue their benefits), but they don’t work and you don’t pay them.

There is a third option that your employees might prefer: a “workshares” program. This is where you reduce employees’ hours and pay and they receive partial unemployment payment from the state. It can be an advantage for businesses–that get to keep their employees–and employees, who get to keep their paychecks.

However, it’s not the answer to all business problems during the shutdowns. Here are some things to consider.

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