Swiss Saturday: Quarantine Version

by Evil HR Lady on April 18, 2020

It’s day 4640 of quarantine here in the beautiful city of Basel. And, I do mean beautiful. We have had amazing weather and while, technically, we don’t have a stay at home order, I live smack in the middle of the city, so going out means running into other people.

We’re two blocks from the Rhein, and you know it’s spring when the naked people start appearing. Ahh, Europe.

Fun fact: In the summer you can swim in the Rhein. You can get these wet bags that you put your clothes and wallet in, and then seal them closed with a bunch of air and use it to float down the river. It’s fun!

In a way that still makes this American blush, if you go to the starting point for the Rhein swim, you’ll find people stripping off all their clothes, carefully folding them and placing the clothes inside their bags. Then, and only then, do they put their swimsuits on. I, being a prudish American, wear my swimsuit under my clothes. Trust me, this is best for all concerned.

I digress. I was talking about quarantine.

While people are going a bit stir crazy, things are going well. Our curve is flattening and the government will start to ease restrictions on April 27. If all goes well, schools will start to re-open on May 11–kindergarten through grade 6. The older schools will open in June. Hairdressers, hardware stores and tattoo artists can begin opening on April 27. The latter amuses me and I wonder about the tattoos on the federal council.

Our neighborhood has been wonderful. We live next door to a tiny music museum and every day at 6:00 pm our neighbor gives a concert and everyone claps. Here’s a video

You can also see one of my kitties. Mostly, the cats have adjusted to us all being here all the time, but every once in a while they let us know that they would prefer we left.

We’re looking forward to restrictions loosening up a bit. While there is some panic, I have nothing but praise for the Swiss government in this. There has been no political grandstanding. Politics just aren’t like that here. It’s a welcome relief from the news I see from back home in the USA.

I hope you all are well in your lockdown and your cats aren’t tired of you.

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