How to Properly Reject Job Candidates

When you start a business, you get to hire the people you want. It’s a great feeling. But, you also have to reject a lot of candidates. While ghosting candidates has been popular over the years, it’s the wrong way to do it. You may not want to hire a candidate today, but that person might be the right person in a year. If you treat the candidate poorly, you damage the relationship altogether.

Lots of companies use a form of “thanks, but no thanks” letters. That’s fine, as it gives candidates the information they need. But, there is a better way.

A job seeker named Tammi Whitcomb received a rejection email that she kindly shared with me. I think it’s a great example of how to reject an applicant.

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3 thoughts on “How to Properly Reject Job Candidates

  1. A bit wordy, but nice; rare too. BTW a neighbor shared why some jobs appear to be posted “forever” at his employer: they have a capable pool of retirees who can “fill in” on-contract until the company finds a permanent successor.

  2. I would still want a firm “Sorry but no thanks” email from a company I applied to.

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