The Post-Covid-19 World: 4 Ways HR Will Look Different in the “New Normal”

I talk about when things get back to “normal” all the time, but that’s never happening. We will be creating a new normal after all the stay at home orders are lifted. What will HR look like in this new world? Well, here are some guesses.

More knowledgeable HR

Human resources is a multi-disciplinary field. You need to be everything from a finance expert to a therapist to a salesperson to a lawyer if you want to do everything right. This is especially the case for HR generalists in smaller businesses who have to do it all.

During these last few weeks, HR and employee relations people have had changes thrown at them at top speed. The Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) added new programs for small businesses that required knowledgeable HR. The Payroll Protection Program put requirements around how many people you could terminate and how your payroll needed to look. These things fell squarely on the heads of the HR managers. Those are only two of the many, many changes HR had to sort through.

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3 thoughts on “The Post-Covid-19 World: 4 Ways HR Will Look Different in the “New Normal”

  1. Adding to the complexity of the situation, the FFCRA and Payroll Protection Programs were enacted — and took effect — so quickly, that guidance and regulations as to how the programs were supposed to work and be implemented were non-existent. Now, the Government is creating regulations — and constantly changing them — it is getting even more confusing. Were I a cynic, I would be tempted to conclude that the Administration’s constant increase in the requirements necessary to conform to these programs — the PPP, especially — are designed to make it so difficult to comply that fewer of the loans will convert to grants, and the employers will end up having to repay them, albeit at only a 1% interest rate.

  2. Agreed with the more working from home change. I can’t tell you how many times I was told that it was impossible for me and some of my co-workers to work from home. Now, everyone is.

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