All About HR Ep#2 8 Talking salary transparency with the Evil HR Lady

I’m a big fan of salary transparency. I don’t want people to get paid less simply because they don’t know what the market rate is.

I wrote about this at Workable here: Salary transparency: Good thing for employees – and employers?

I had the opportunity to talk with Neelie at and I’m afraid I got rather enthusiastic.

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5 thoughts on “All About HR Ep#2 8 Talking salary transparency with the Evil HR Lady

  1. As you say salary transparency has been a taboo in the world of work. Employees find their salary as a factor of competition between co-workers but little does, they know that if they joined hands together, employers would have a tough time if ever they are under paying any of the employees. People should be educated and trained to support each other specially the middle-class people. There is a quote which comes to my mind “Divide and rule”, the employers divides the employees by not providing details about the existing salary range in the organisation for the same type of jobs. Being in the human resources, I personally think that any HR officer is not working for the benefit of the employers, we are here to make sure that the organisation is functioning smoothly, fairly and efficaciously. The last point will be, the job adverts which are published, whereby the salary is partly or not stated at all. Does a person need to have an excellent negotiation skill or does he need to be an excellent marketer of his skills to get a higher pay check?? It is important that while publishing a job advert the salary should be the “take it” or “leave it” factor for the person to decide if they want to invest their time to even go for the interview.

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