Your Work from Home Employees Are Burning Out. You Can Help

When your commute is only 30 seconds long and doesn’t even require pants, it’s easy to think that a whole lot of stress is gone. And, sure that commuting stress is gone, but so is your time to sit alone and listen to a podcast

Working from home can cause a different kind of burnout. One, where you don’t know when work begins and ends, and where you never really have any time off. You’re always at the office, so therefore, you’re always working.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can set clear boundaries between work time and play time, but that only works if you have a supportive manager.

So, managers: Here’s how to be supportive.

It’s almost never an emergency

Some industries have traditions of long work hours. People know this going into it. Fine. Some businesses have busy seasons where everyone knows that working 80 hours a week is expected. But, when you tell your employee that they have to work on this NOW because it’s an emergency, it’s probably not true.

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3 thoughts on “Your Work from Home Employees Are Burning Out. You Can Help

  1. I’m part of a team that, in addition to the work I do, includes responsibility for month-end data processing — work which oft meanders across long days and a weekend. When I started, I told my account manager that I work Monday-Friday 1st shift only; I need my beauty sleep. If they need support other hours, they need someone else.

    Some bosses need constant emotional reassurance that everyone is at their beck-and-call. Their insecurities shouldn’t stop employees from setting boundaries.

  2. Our office can mostly work from home, but some stuff has to be done in person. We we’re working half-days in the office a few times a week, and the rest of the time from home. It’s more disorienting than just working from home would be. Half the time, I don’t even know what day of the week it is.

  3. Working from home is a blessing. I wish I could work from home now.

    The commute is short. It’s just me and the work. No one standing over me.

    Work from home is heaven.

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