What is the Future of Inclusion at Work?

Diversity and inclusion are making the headlines today — of course. It is not like D&I is a new function, or that the concerns of having a diverse, inclusive workforce haven’t been around for years. Today, catalyzed by movements like #Blacklivesmatters, racial diversity is now at the top of board agendas, and companies of all sizes are making commitments to stamping out racial inequities. It’s about time, and this is all great news.

But what about inclusion?What if people aren’t getting along? What if some people feel uncomfortable at work? What if people feel like they have to keep their opinions silent for fear of offending someone who is outspoken?

Inclusion is complicated. It requires a lot of work and effort from everyone on the team. And it’s not just about race–it’s about everything that makes us unique individuals.

The Future of Work — At Home

COVID knocked down everything we thought we knew about work and made it clear that the future is not what we thought it would be. 

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