How to Approach and Improve Diversity Hiring

My vice president asked me to hire someone Black for a vacant position and include #BlackLivesMatter in the job posting. Can I hire a Black person solely based on race like this? It seems like I can’t. How can I even respond?

To read my answer, click here: How to Approach and Improve Diversity Hiring

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3 thoughts on “How to Approach and Improve Diversity Hiring

  1. Excellent article, reasoned, practical.

    And your comment, “Make sure it’s a fair offer based on market rates and not based on what the candidate earned at their last job” is music to the ears of multiplied thousands and thousands of job seekers … if only….

  2. If all of your suggestions were done perfectly, wouldn’t this only result in a 6% chance of hiring a black applicant in California (the percentage of the state that is black)? I feel like those odds won’t satisfy the VP.

  3. Thanks for the positive message. You could have left it at, “No, this is illegal,” but you went on and added more value to chase the positive intent of this misguided VP.

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