The Sure Way to Alienate Your Employees During Covid

All employees are required to wear masks when walking around, keep socially distanced while seated, and must eat lunch their desks–no group lunches in the cafeteria.

Unless, of course, you’re part of the executive team. They walk the halls without masks and eat lunch together in a conference room.

One of my readers described this situation to me. Can you imagine what this is doing to employee morale? My reader was not happy.

Practice what you preach

Whether or not you think masks help prevent Covid-19 transmission is irrelevant in this situation. If your company policy requires it or your state law requires it, then the CEO and senior management team should never, ever, not for thirty seconds, violate that rule. 

You cannot expect your employees to respect and follow you in business matters when you do not follow the same rules you expect them to follow. This applies to all sorts of rules, like vacation time, travel reimbursement, and proper office behavior. In the case of Covid-19, it applies to masks and other behavior designed to keep employees and clients safe.

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8 thoughts on “The Sure Way to Alienate Your Employees During Covid

  1. Even worse — if possible — is the Sheriff down here in Texas who has forbidden anyone, whether it be employees or members of the public, from wearing masks in his facility. This endangers everyone coming in there, as well as everyone with whom they have contact. It also violates the local mask mandate and has prevented people with legitimate business with the Sheriff’s Department from being able to go there to pursue it. Since Sheriff’s deputies — while performing their law-enforcement duties — come in contact with all kinds of people, in all kinds of situations and environments, including the Jail, I understand that the Sheriff has made limited exceptions to his no-mask policy for employees out in the field or at the jail. It’s unknown what arrangements are being made for those whose doctors have recommended wearing a mask. But, who would want to work — or conduct other business — in such a place?

  2. Hmm, let’s see, what was it that I read in a somewhat popular novel … what was it … oh yeah, now I remember:

    “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

    1. And “The isn’t always right, but he’s always the boss.”

      Our owner sets the tone for the office and the stores: he wears a mask any time he’s not alone in his office. (And, in many other ways, has shown that he actually gives a damn about his employees. Consequently, in March and April, when other dealers in our retail chain were seeing 25% of their employees call out on a given day, we were seeing less than 10%. He does it because he’s a good guy, but it’s also very good for business.)

  3. What is missing here is misinformation concerning mask wearing or any other safety precautions about Covid-19 because people have misconstrue the definition of personal rights. I personally have no problem wearing a mask and have adjusted to wearing one everytime I leave my home even to getting the mail at the mailbox which faces the street. It took a few tricks to avoid the fogging up of my glasses. But I think the big problem with the attitude of mask wearing like this article states is the preceived idea of priviledge of status rather than concern about a health issue. I believe most complainers are either smokers of whatever or have anxiety issues, hence the rational behind the thinking that wearing a mask inhibits breathing.
    When this type of individual is in a position of authority and declares either by actions or declarations of allowance of non-mask wearing even though there are mandates in place, creates a health hazard for employees, leaving the employee limited choices (either deal with the health hazards or quit). Not a positive situation in the job conditions in the USA where there’s too many right to work locations, which gives the employers an edge here.It doesn’t help that our politicans are too busy attacking each other to deal with this problem effectively, plus our major health office for infectious diseases is more motivated by political afflication than pressurizing the importance of safety. Ethics stands no chance in dealing with this, when there’s no legislation in place. We are merely repeating history.

  4. And why has this happened? Because the “great” Donald Trump, who pretends to be President, does NOT set a good example by wearing a mask. And his followers do the same.

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