California Subpoenas Amazon Over Its Covid Protocols. How to Avoid the Same Fate

California attorney general Xavier Becerra says Amazon has been ignoring subpoenas about its health and safety plans. As such, he’s asked the courts to step in and force Amazon to comply. 

Amazon, for its part, says:

The bottom line is that we’re a leader in providing Covid-19 safety measures for our employees — we’ve invested billions of dollars in equipment and technology, including building onsite testing for employees and providing personal protective equipment. We encourage anyone to compare our speed and actions in this area to any other major employer.

Being a leader and producing documents are two very different things. Becerra says that he wants specific policies and procedures around sick time, cleaning, and infections within Amazon’s California staff. 

If the government comes knocking on your door, you can take Amazon’s route of not promptly producing the information, or you can make it easier on yourself and your wallet (remember, you’ll need to pay legal fees to fight this). Here’s how:

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2 thoughts on “California Subpoenas Amazon Over Its Covid Protocols. How to Avoid the Same Fate

  1. This is the kind of news story that leaves you shaking your head in amazement. Doesn’t the management at Amazon that’s resisting compliance realize that they’re employees too, also affected by their company’s safety plans and practices — or lack of same — just like every other Amazon worker? It’s become a meme by now: we’re all in this together, folks. Get with the program!

  2. The only reason, that I think Amazon is “stalling” must have to do with a tactic the lawyers for the company are doing, which reminds me of the stall tactic used by insurance companies to avoid paying out claims. The tactic described in both a book by John Grisham and a movie. It is merely a tactic to retain more money than really necessary and that’s how they earn their big fees. Since COVID-19 falls under public health safety, eventually they will have to comply and pay. Either way, the employees are still not he high priority.

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