Checking in on HR & ER Teams

It’s been a year since our first chance to learn what agility really means. Sure, it wasn’t the way we wanted to learn–but suddenly, new regulations, layoffs, dealing with PPP loans, and figuring out how FFCRA applied were front and center. And now? We’re writing vaccination policies. Nothing we did in any HRCI or SHRM certification class prepared us to write vaccination policies. What are we? Doctors? 

But, here we are. And I have to ask. Are you okay? 

No. Not, are your employees okay. (Although that’s a question we think about all the time.) Are you okay? 

Every time I get a Covid-19 survey on Facebook, it asks if I’ve had any symptoms–one of which is fatigue. And I have to say, “yeah, I’ve been suffering from fatigue. I don’t know a single HR person who hasn’t been.” It’s not Covid-induced fatigue, but we’re tired. 

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