Offspring #2 was deeply disappointed that Can I Bring My Pet Monkey to Work by Charles T. Passaglia was not about how he could get permission to bring his pet monkey to work, but rather about employment law. I’m working on him and will bring him to the employment law dark side soon enough.

Monkeys aside (although you can find the answer on page 154), this is full of good information about those tough employment law questions. Plus, it’s a fun read!

Burnout? None of us have burnout!!! WE ARE ALL JUST FINE AND WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FIRE!!!

Charli Gamber’s HR Burnout tackles the reasons why HR burns out and how to fix it. There’s a handly checklist starting on page 61 that I was scared to continue because then I’d have to adress my own exhaustion. It’s worth a read (and right now it’s on sale!).

Have you ever made a hiring mistake? (Spoiler alert: You’re not alone.) Craig Bisset gathered stories from 50 business leaders for his book My Workst Hire & What I Learned from It. It’s full of anecdotes and I adore anecdotes. If you like stories, this is for you.

What are you all reading?

Full disclosure: I received free copies of these books, but I don’t make anything if you buy one of them, and none of them asked me to review the book. I just wanted to because I’m enjoying them.

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One thought on “What I’m Reading

  1. The first book is proof of all the assumptions, people have about workers’ rights without consulting the current laws in place in their location. However funny some of these requests are, what is so troubling is the increasing assumption that a workplace should not have rules of decorum in place to assure that everyone is in the mindset to be working during work hours. Is this the future of work –no effort is needed to get paid? I don’t have an answer to this because I don’t see how any business can stay profitable to maintain the continuation, even as a non-profit. I am going to let Gen Z explore those possibilities, as they consider the old ways, not in their future

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