Your Employees are Fat. Make Your Office Accommodating

People in lockdown gained approximately two pounds per month. Depending on where you live and how complaint you were, you may have put on more than 20 pounds in the past year. And, Americans weren’t exactly trim to begin with. Way back in 2018, 42.2 percent of American adults were obese.

The FAA is requiring airlines to up their weight per passenger measurement, because we, the people, are fatter. (Sadly, the airlines are not responding by giving us bigger seats for our bigger behinds.)

I am not going to tell you to lose weight. I’m not going to tell you to implement a company-wide wellness program that encourages increasing the number of steps you take each day. Instead, I’m going to tell you to do something that makes a real difference: buy some chairs designed for fat people.

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10 thoughts on “Your Employees are Fat. Make Your Office Accommodating

  1. Hey, I didn’t need to add the COVID-15; I was — and am — already fat. I note that fat discrimination is one of the only remaining types that is still legal. So, I sincerely appreciate this post.

    1. Same. I had hoped to lose 10 percent of my body weight before I got on the plane to come to the US this summer, and it’s looking like it ain’t gonna happen.

      1. Ooh, and you’re going to be stuck in those cramped airline seats for some long flights. 🙁

        1. My transatlantic flights are economy plus, with more leg and behind room. I sprung for the extra cost because it was $800 round trip for economy plus! Can you believe it??? $800 for Basel to Las Vegas round trip in economy plus. I normally pay $1200 for coach.

          1. That is incredible. I’m paying around half that for a round-trip just between Dallas and Las Vegas, on Southwest, with the cramped seating. The only saving grace is that I’m an individual with a disability, so I get to board first and can, thus, avoid the dreaded Middle Seat! 🙂

            1. I know! It was $500 round trip in coach. I knew the prices would go up as soon as the vaccine was approved, so I bought them in December, hoping we’d be able to travel this summer.

              And told all my American friends in Switzerland about the amazing deals. So we all bought, fingers crossed that we’d be able to go. And we can! So yay!

  2. Also buy stronger higher quality chairs. Buying a cheap chair isn’t worth it if you have to replace it every 6 months.

  3. “Now, before someone tells me off for using the word fat, I’m going to point out that this a descriptive term and not a judgment term.”

    You could also point out that “fat” what activists working on these issues prefer to use.

    Great post. Buying chairs that are comfortable and supportive, and choosing uniforms that look good on the actual humans who will wear them should be a no-brainer, but here we are.

  4. Brilliant, Suzanne! As a fit member of the 29%, I would like to poke the snoot of the next person who talks to me about a wellness program (“and our step counter lets you challenge your boss to an online step competition!” Ugh. Spare me the creepy patronizing nonsense!) All we really know about obesity is that it’s not about laziness or lack of motivation, and statistics show that diets and exercise plans fail to control weight over 90% of the time. Until science finds an effective way to control weight, let’s just be kind to one another. Yes: good chairs.

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