Business Travel Is Back. Are Your Employees Prepared?

I’m fully vaccinated, but to get on a plane in Europe to come to the United States for a combination business trip and family vacation, I still had to jump through hoops. If your business is ready to start doing business travel again, you need to prep your employees. This is what I’ve learned this past week.

International travel still has many hoops to jump through (if you can get a flight).

My flights from Switzerland to the US changed at least four times between when I bought the tickets and finally took off.  Why? Not many people are flying across the Atlantic, and airlines are cutting flights. Add to it varying Covid problems, and it can be a nightmare to get across the ocean.

You may book tickets for your employees, but there’s no guarantee that they will end up on those flights, and they may have to go through circuitous routes to get to their destination.

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