Breaking: OSHA Finally Releases Vaccination and Testing Rules for Businesses

Weekly testing, masks, or mandatory vaccinations, and who pays for the testing? The employees.

Those are the critical parts of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) long-awaited Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). Since the Whitehouse announced it in September, businesses with 100 or more employees have been sitting on the edge. Here’s what we know.

The details:

The ETS affects employers with 100 or more employees who are not federal contractors or healthcare facilities. Both of these are subject to different regulations. However, employees who work from home and have no contact with other employees or customers can be exempted from the requirements.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking: OSHA Finally Releases Vaccination and Testing Rules for Businesses

  1. I see they waited to make it effective till Jan 4 – I know in my industry its going to drastically affect the supply chain and now that won’t interfere with Christmas.

  2. This should have been approached as an OSHA workplace standard from the get-go, as we are dealing with a highly contagious disease. By OSHA finally placing the vaccines as mandatory, HR now has an operating system to deal with deviations requests to not be vaccinated and no one’s personal freedoms are controlled. It’s either do or not have the position. Now can we get that point across to those overly anxious GenZ workers who feel so oppressed.

    1. I just got further information on the OSHA regulations for Covid-19, Congress did not pass legislation on this, they merely assumed that their requesting it is enough. So this announcement may have potential liabilities if not given proper legislation. Yes OSHA should be putting out a standard but Congress also has to enact the law on the books.

      1. It has also been stopped temporarily by the 5th Circuit – so will be moving its way through the courts. Maria Rose can you please explain to me how those that are vaccinated and are getting and spreading Covid are immune and golden? Still not getting it and no one can explain. They just say ‘DO IT AND SHUT UP’. I have my own mind though – I know that is a problem because I should just do it. Since it doesn’t make sense to me though (get vaccinated, get covid, pass covid – don’t get vaccinated, get covid, pass covid. The information has been but you won’t get so sick. BUT I had covid in February – had extremely mild symptoms and was recently tested for antibodies and tested positive. In the meantime, 6 people at work that are vaccinated have had covid recently, including my Sister who is in healthcare. Please make it make sense to me and I will shut up and get the vaccine. And don’t just day ‘but its BETTER if you do it. You say listen to the science – SHOW ME with some studies about natural immunity.

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