5 Office Romances That Went Horribly Awry

Sometimes, office romance makes headlines and ruins careers, like CNN head Jeffrey Zucker’s affair with Allison Gollust and the University of Michigan President, Mark Schlissel who had an affair with a direct report.

But most office romance flies under the radar–except when it doesn’t. All that contact tracing when someone tested positive for Covid? Turns out that HR noticed when Jane and John always showed up on the lists as having been together.

Honestly, though, the rules are set up to protect you and the company. And a little tip from the HR department: One-third of office romances end with someone getting fired. If you want to know why that number is so high, pay attention to these cautionary tales from the Evil HR Lady Facebook group.

A double firing

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4 thoughts on “5 Office Romances That Went Horribly Awry

  1. Our grandparents used to say, “Don’t sleep where you eat,” meaning, romance and your livelihood don’t mix. Now that so many of us have all-encompassing careers, that separation can, sometimes, be hard to maintain. So, people have to use common sense and discretion. Zucker didn’t have to step down because of the relationship per se, but because they didn’t disclose it. If there are workplace rules about such things, you have to follow them. While you’re at work, behave professionally. If the organization is large enough, you may be able to structure things such that you don’t even need to interact with each other at work, which would be ideal. If there’s a strict non-fraternization policy, or an unsolvable conflict of interest, one of you may need to leave. Make that a mutual, conscious, intentional, decision, before-the-fact, based on what’s best for both of you. Leave honorably, on good terms, rather than waiting to get fired.

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