It’s been many years since I have had interns, so I said yes when the opportunity popped up.

Meet the summer interns:

This is Havana. She’s 14 months old and loves climbing and wet food. She hides whenever one of the supervisors comes by, but you can lure her out with food.

This is Ginny. She is also 14 months old, likes climbing, and treats. She will do anything for a treat.

Ginny has had many conversations with HR because she likes tormenting resident employees.

See this? Ginny likes to come up to the resident cats and hiss at them through the door. Then she is always shocked when they hiss back.

To be fair, the resident employees did not give their approval to the interns and have made their displeasure well known.

Claudia tries to look innocent but likes to chase the interns under the couch and then stare at them menacingly.

Mikey, on the other hand, has to take extra naps because he’s so focused on murdering the intruders, er interns. He uses his very small brain to figure out ways to get to the interns, and sometimes he’s successful because he’s very fast and can get through the door when the humans go into the interns’ work area. Fortunately, the humans catch him every time, but he is furious about this.

He has also had many meetings with HR, but because there is no at-will relationship here, he cannot be fired. That and everyone loves him despite his murdery tendencies.

In two weeks, the interns will move on to their permanent employment. The resident cats are excited to get their whole house back. The humans will miss the kittens.

Would I get interns again? Probably not kittens, as it was pretty stressful for the long-term employees. But is it fun to have cute little kittens running around? Yes.


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11 thoughts on “Swiss Saturday: The Summer Interns

  1. Always love a cat story, they share living/work space with us and train our responses. Plus they are great mood improvers when they allow you to engage in a petting session. Lucky you to have enough space to share with multiple cats.

  2. Adorable kitties–I mean interns. I will risk being sent to HR to point out their cuteness.

  3. Just checking, is the work they are doing beneficial to their education and career development? Don’t need you getting dragged to the HR Principal.


  4. Awwww, is Princess Claudia a dilute tortie?? (I have one myself and thought her coloring looked similar.)

    I can tell that the interns are learning a lot at this job, even from Claudia and Mikey, as grumpy as they might be to have to deal with short-term interlopers.

    1. I’m so sorry your comment didn’t go up! It went into spam and I just saw this. Yes, she is a dilute tortie. She is so soft sometimes we think she must be fake.

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