Behind the scenes at Evil HR Lady featuring the Mods

Join us for a discussion with the Moderators of the Evil HR Lady Facebook Group (25k+ members!) as we discuss what it takes to moderate, manage and maintain control.  We discussed:

  • Stats on the group and the scope of what  is managed daily
  • Why does your invite to the group get declined?
  • What do the Mods look for in their (very minor) group member screening process?
  • How do they moderate – the rules, the judgement required, what experience has taugh them?
  • Why moderate in the first place?
  • What kind of questions should posters ask?
  • What questions are typically declined… and why?
  • Why didn’t a post get approved?
  • Why are people “kicked out” of the group?
  • Why are the Mods really picky about “Anonymous” posts?
  • What questions don’t work well in the group?

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