Eliminating tasks from your daily work: Automation is key

Imagine your job if you got rid of all the parts you hate. Impossible, right?

Well, think about this: I’m writing this on a computer that I don’t know how to program, wearing clothes I didn’t sew, made of fabric I didn’t weave. For breakfast, I ate food I didn’t grow myself while the dishwasher washed my dishes, a robot vacuumed my floor, and a washing machine washed my clothes. When I finish this article, I’ll put food into a crockpot, and it will cook it while I do other things.

These tasks were things that most of humanity (except computer programming) had to do to keep fed and clothed. But we automated and outsourced so many tedious tasks, we now have time for fun things.

It’s highly possible that you can eliminate many of your hated job tasks as well.

For some of you, that would reduce you to strictly payday, but for most people, there are a lot of things you like about your job, and if you could just get rid of the few annoying things, life – and working life, especially – would be better.

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4 thoughts on “Eliminating tasks from your daily work: Automation is key

  1. LOL… I think there was an automation that was supposed to put the link in this post and that automation failed this time around… I’m kidding of course.

  2. Excel is a place where things can be automated fairly easily. Spend some time and learn macros or VB for excel.

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