The EEOC’s New Areas of Focus Will Upend Recruiting Processes

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced new enforcement goals. If adopted, they will affect employers’ online application processes and numerous other areas of recruiting.

The EEOC, of course, has many guidelines, but it cannot focus all attention on all guidelines at all times, so the agency explains that “periodically adopts a multi-year plan, called the Strategic Enforcement Plan, or SEP, to establish substantive agency enforcement priorities to guide all aspects of its work to advance equal employment opportunity for all and prevent and remedy unlawful discrimination in employment.”

Its current Draft Strategic Enforcement Plan was announced in January, with a public commentary period that ends Feb. 9. At that point, the EEOC will decide how to move forward. If its new policies are implemented, they will go into effect for the fiscal year 2023 through 2027.

And so while the agency will continue to address many issues beyond what’s in the new SEP, it points out that “the matters set forth in the SEP will have priority in the EEOC’s work.”

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One thought on “The EEOC’s New Areas of Focus Will Upend Recruiting Processes

  1. I still question how this is implemented in today’s use of applications via a computer application program which already weeds out potential applications for keywording. One might as well use a bot to fill out these applications to the wording needed to get through the filtering process. All I am saying is that this only adds another bias to the selection process and doesn’t really find the most qualified to fit the job but finds only the applications with the most correct description by keyword. I would certainly hope that in the live/video in-person interview, other factors are also used to choose the best fit and not a quota denominator.

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