Job Candidates are “Cheating” with ChatGPT and It’s Fabulous

Job hunting is the worst. It’s painful, stressful, and often embarrassing, and no one likes it. Fortunately, most people don’t do it more than every few years. While that is good, it also means that most people don’t have the experience necessary to be an expert in job hunting.

Enter ChatGPT.

You want to hire someone who can do the job. There are people out there that can do the job, but unless the job is writing resumes and cover letters, you probably shouldn’t pay as much attention to these documents as you do.

So, candidates who lack the expertise to write perfect resumes and cover letters are turning to ChatGPT for help.

Career Coach Mandy, detailed on Tiktok how a candidate sent her a cover letter generated through ChatGPT based on the job description. The cover letter was a little too good, so she was suspicious and found the candidate had used the AI tool to write it.

Using AI to write a resume or cover letter is no worse than hiring someone, and it’s free.

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