Who has the power to fire? It depends – to a degree

“I got fired by HR. My manager says he doesn’t even know why I got fired.” Statements like this are annoying. It’s as if there are evil HR ladies (ahem) lurking around corners, just waiting to terminate people.

That’s not how it happens.

Who has the final decision-making authority for termination decisions? When is HR the decision maker? When is it the manager?

There needs to be more clarity around this issue

I posted three separate polls on this issue, all asking the same question: Who has the final firepower?

But for each, I gave a different situation:

1. Entry-level Jane is caught stealing other people’s lunches. HR wants to fire. Manager says keep. Who is the final decision maker?

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3 thoughts on “Who has the power to fire? It depends – to a degree

  1. “But, the best you can hope for in the real world is a consistent policy.”

    Yes to this, for sure.

    And a consistent policy that is known by all and consistently implemented.

  2. I think building consensus should be a priority. Everyone involved should understand why it is happening and how the logic could be applied in a later situation, even if they don’t agree.

  3. I’ve been an HR Manager for about 20 years (tech company). I can only think of one time where I had the final say on terminating someone. It was always the manager’s decision, I just got in to do the actual firing. After going through all the issues with the manager to ensure we were consistent in our applications of policy, etc.

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