50 Most Annoying Business Phrases of 2023 Revealed

Everyone says they hate jargon, but we still use it. It serves a purpose–we all know what you mean when you say, “per my last email,” you mean, “listen, you dunce, I already told you that yesterday,” but the former has plausible deniability. Your dunce-like coworker can’t complain to HR without admitting that, yes, they ignored your last email.

To find out what the hated words of 2023 are, I asked on Twitter and LinkedIn. Here you go: Here are your 50 most annoying business words and phrases.

  1. I hear you
  2. Let’s parking lot this
  3. See if the juice is worth the squeeze
  4. Let’s circle back
  5. Synergy
  6. Demystify

To read the rest of the list, click here: 50 Most Annoying Business Phrases of 2023 Revealed

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10 thoughts on “50 Most Annoying Business Phrases of 2023 Revealed

  1. I don’t have a problem with many of these, especially “Best” and “Out of Pocket”.
    What is wrong with “Out of Pocket” unless it means something different than you paid for it out of your own pocket? It is a common fiscal term.

  2. “Offshore”. The first time I heard that one was when I was working in Louisiana (where I was born and raised). Offshore literally meant, off-shore, as in on an oil rig. No idea how it came to mean overseas/international.

  3. It’s the younger generation re-using phrases with entirely new meanings in their version of understanding called word salad usage. No matter, the meaning used, it is still just as annoying and as useless when presented– just say it correctly and stop trying to “sound like you know what you are saying”, Please. I just tone out and look at the whole picture to find the real message being presented.

  4. Phrases such as DEI and ESG, or demands for adherence to those beliefs, are the worst.

    1. Yeah, being inclusive and governing your organization with a meaningful framework and clear policy is so cringe, amirite

  5. “If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask”

    Like, this is a normal English sentence, I don’t get it

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