LinkedIn Unveils New ‘Commitment’ Tool — With Questionable Value

“As an early-stage tech start-up in elder care, communicating our purpose to potential candidates is essential,” says Jennifer Cain Birkmose, CEO of VivaValet. “We rigorously vet for qualifications and experience for our roles, but if a candidate doesn’t have shared values of respect, reverence, and a desire to support the elderly to live at home independently, we will not advance their application.”

Birkmose’s remarks speak to a growing interest — among employers and candidates — in values-based hiring. And LinkedIn has noticed.

“We’ve seen that when a company’s values don’t align with [candidates’] own, it’s a dealbreaker,” said Rohan Rajiv, LinkedIn’s director of product management. “Values really matter, and they have increasingly mattered.”

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2 thoughts on “LinkedIn Unveils New ‘Commitment’ Tool — With Questionable Value

  1. It would be interesting to see who paid for the two studies mentioned. Perhaps I’d be surprised, but I suspect the one that found that Gen Z prioritized values over money was paid for by an industry group whose members – employers – have a vested interest in convincing applicants that it’s fashionable to prioritize things that don’t cost the company money over things that do, like wages.

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