7 Questions Tough Job Candidates Will Ask. Be Prepared

The days of people accepting a job–any job–are long since past. People have options and don’t want to join companies that don’t match their goals and values. If you complain that “no one wants to work,” well, get in line with great-great-grandpa, who complained about that in 1894.

People want jobs but want the right job and will ask you questions about it. And you complaining about it will result in not getting good candidates.

Adam Karpiak, a recruiter and self-described “candidate therapist,” runs a very popular newsletter called Job Seeking Is Hard, and people who do the hiring would be wise to read it as well. Because candidates are, and they are coming prepared.

Karpiak suggested candidates ask seven questions of their prospective employers.

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One thought on “7 Questions Tough Job Candidates Will Ask. Be Prepared

  1. I think it’s reasonable to ask for the hiring manager’s resume and references from three people that have worked for that manager. Seems reasonable to me.

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