The Adoption of ChatGPT Among Recruiters

ChatGPT won’t take your job. Someone who masters ChatGPT will take your job.

According to new research from MIT, participants who completed a writing task with ChatGPT support finished 37% faster and produced better quality output. In other words, employees who are adept at using ChatGPT will have an advantage in the labor market (they may already).

This includes recruiters. And so the question is not whether ChatGPT will take the job of recruiters. Rather, it’s how can recruiters leverage AI to become better at their jobs?

For starters, not all companies are embracing the technology. Many organizations don’t want anyone — including hiring managers and recruiters — using ChatGPT or other AI software due to security concerns.

One hiring manager, who prefers to remain anonymous due to company policy, explained that their employer gave a strict mandate not to put anything company-related into ChatGPT. This includes things that recruiters regularly work with: job descriptions, follow-up emails, candidate evaluations, etc.

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