If You Say One of These Phrases, You’re About to Be Sued

‘”But we can’t promote her, I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant.” There’s some logic behind that. A pregnant woman will be taking some time off, no matter what, and you may not want someone to have any time off as they are getting up to speed on a new position. But it’s illegal to discriminate against someone because of pregnancy. And it’s stupid, too: Finding a new person for the job will take longer than the 12 weeks of FMLA.

This phrase is one of the many red flags your HR department tries to warn you against. Kate Maddison-Greenwell, CEO of People Efficient, gave the above phrase as an example of something you need to remove from your brain. It’s a dumb thing to say and it puts your company at legal risk. A nursing home had to pay $400,000 plus legal costs when they discriminated against pregnant women. You don’t want your company to be in that position.

I asked the experts about horrifying phrases they’ve heard at work. These experts know these statements are bad, and they are sharing their wisdom with you so you can avoid legal trouble. Here are things you shouldn’t say and why you shouldn’t say it.

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