How Tree Law May Affect the Hollywood Strikes

Hollywood writers, represented by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), went on strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers way back on May 2, 2023. It’s still going on, and on July 13, the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Union joined the writers.

Then Universal trimmed back all the trees that shaded the very street where the union members were picketing.

Is this an unfair labor practice?

When employees go on strike, the business has obligations, as do the employees. Neither can go outside the bounds of the law. Strikers can’t destroy company equipment, for example. And employers can’t terminate strike leaders for their union involvement.

To read more about it, click here: How Tree Law May Affect the Hollywood Strikes

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4 thoughts on “How Tree Law May Affect the Hollywood Strikes

  1. I worked in the technical end of production in Hollywood for 20 years and the pettiness of Hollywood execs cannot be overstated.

  2. Knowing how far in advance tree trimming is scheduled ( the trimming done by the Department of Parks-a government department), blaming the studio for that is ridiculous. But that’s the Hollywood style of thinking.

    1. Except that the trimming was *not* done by the Department of Parks. That’s actually why it’s being investigated – Companies and people need to get permits to do their own trimming. And the way this was done is apparently not standard either, with a lot more cut away than would be expected.

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