10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your HR Department

veryone hates HR. Employees see it as an equivalent of the school principal’s office where they go when they do something bad, and business owners often see HR strictly as a cost center. But successful businesses owe a big debt to their HR departments.

Here are 10 reasons to be thankful you have HR — and if you don’t have an HR rep or department in your business, here are ten reasons to consider hiring one. (Hint: Look for someone with experience in human resources and who perhaps has a PHR or SHRM CP or other certification.)

  1. HR takes care of finding and screening candidates. Whether HR and recruiting should be the same department is a matter of intense debate among professionals, but they are all the same to the business. And these talent acquisition professionals work their magic to bring you great candidates who you don’t have to find yourself.
  2. HR talks with the employee who smells bad. You would think this problem would be solved by the end of junior high, but it comes up in the workplace surprisingly often. And while we’d prefer you talk to your employee about their hygiene problems, we can and will do it for you.

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