The Debate Over “Open to Work”

“The biggest red flag on LinkedIn is the ‘open to work’ symbol.” Ever since former Google recruiter Nolan Church, now the CEO of talent marketplace Continuum, made that statement recently, it’s been splashed all over the internet, frightening job hunters.

“Recruiting is like dating,” Church says, making an analogy. “You have to make the other side feel like you’re exclusive. You want to feel like that person really wants to work at your company versus any findings

Putting aside that such logic discounts that single people often join dating apps and leave their ring finger bare, thus signaling they are “open to dating,” the larger question is: Do recruiters generally agree with Church’s sentiment?

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One thought on “The Debate Over “Open to Work”

  1. When the hiring market is selective in choosing candidates for consideration—the open to work mark—-doesn’t make any difference unless the candidate has all the other checkmates required by the company’s current needs including CRSE which also throws a block into the equation, especially using AI to scan candidates before there is any human interaction conversations.

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