Internet Scammers Used My Name to Take People’s Money

As a small-business owner, my reputation is extremely important to my success. If you can’t trust me, you certainly aren’t going to hire me to train your employees or speak at your conference.

So, I was horrified when recruiting expert and The Robot-Proof Recruiter author Katrina Collier reached out to let me know that scammers were using our names, as well as that of HR guru Dave Ulrich, to scam vulnerable job seekers. Here’s what happened.

The scam website

The scammers in question run a website called Insight PE Recruitment, which advertises the company’s recruiting skills. The website says the company opened in 1997, but according to Who.Is, they registered their website on October 20, 2023.

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4 thoughts on “Internet Scammers Used My Name to Take People’s Money

  1. It hurts just reading this. Can’t imagine how much it hurt for you and the others to go through the steps you did to “fix” it. And the non-responses you got when going through official channels … no words.

  2. I’m glad you all were able to resolve this, but it’s sad you had to resort to pulling strings through your network to do it. It also highlights the differences between the haves and have-nots, and the stuff to have doesn’t always involve money. Someone with no connections would not be able to shut down the scammers, and therefore would be more vulnerable to reputational damage and/or potential legal bills.

  3. Suzanne,

    In effort to follow-up with Insight PE Recruitment, Inc, after being contacted for prospective CEO opportunity, I realized my latest reply to the (fake) Ms. Lucas was returned an “undelivered”. I then went to Insights website and it was then I sensed something was awry.

    As others have communicated to you, I wish to thank you for your efforts to stop the actions of those who have taken advantage of you and others. I am in the market to take on a senior to C-level position within the US and though I take extreme measures to vet those who begin to show interest, I obviously am also vulnerable to the bad actors who are out to be deceptive.

    I pray your company and your personal affairs have not been grossly effected. Thank you again.


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