How to Use ChatGPT to Set Transformative Goals for 2024

Are your 2024 goals ready?

Now, don’t stress. I know it can be difficult to finish year-end duties, provide performance reviews for everyone on your team, and also put together thoughtful, productive goals for the year ahead. Furthermore, whether they are goals for yourself or your staff, turning your overarching aim (to grow the business, or earn more money) into manageable steps can be difficult.

Fortunately, technology can help you — here, I’ll walk you through exactly how to use ChatGPT to create impactful goals for yourself and your business.

Step 1: Just ask

There are all sorts of businesses out there that want to sell you the keys to “prompt engineering,” and there are some that are helpful. But most of us just need to ask what we want to know.

For my own business, I wrote a straightforward prompt (see Step 2) in ChatGPT 3.5. I used 3.5 for this because it’s the free version — the results were similar in 4.0.

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