Want to give back to the HR community while having a low-key side hustle? Wynter is looking for HR and L&D professionals to participate in market research. Up to $600/hr to give your honest feedback to companies in your industry. Only 2-10 minutes per survey.

Sign up as a participant here: Wynter Research Panels

Here are 5 reasons to sign up right now (provided by real participants):

  • Your professional opinions will be heard and acted upon.
  • The feedback you provide will lead to better products and/or services for the market–your market, since you are the requested audience.
  • You’ll help others improve their messaging and value propositions so that it resonates better with their target audience, which is you.
  • You’ll discover new products and services that resonate with your current professional role.
  • You’ll make some spare cash while learning something new in just 2-10 minutes.

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